Inwestytura w Hiszpani - Zaproszenie

Data dodania: 2013-03-11

Ladies and Gentlemen: Colonel Count Almarza Grand Prior of Spain has formally advised me that The Office of The King has authorized the ceremonies in Avila. So this is a go!

Grand Prior Almarza has notified this Regency that the dates for the grand event will be: Saturday 25 May and Sunday 26 May, exactly one week before the Vienna ceremonies which makes it all very convenient for us.

I have informed Count Almarza that both he and Grand Master Wilk will be presiding and The Regent and Grand Chancellor will be official witnesses. Furthermore, the ceremonies are being prepared and overseen by several General Officers, perhaps two Lieutenant Generals and a Brigadier.

I’m hereby requesting that our Grand Master, The Grand Chancellor, The Chancellor for Western Europe and the Grand Priors of The United Kingdom and Austria confirm their attendance as soon as possible.

With warmest regards,
Yours obediently,
Tomasz Ludwik Lorant